Reduce Spending by Reducing Waste


Everyday situations lead to waste among consumers, which typically means higher spending.  When times are good and money is flush, incremental waste does not resonate as loudly as it does during lean times when savings are essential.  And money isn’t the only consideration when evaluating waste.  Environmental concerns and the rising awareness about sustainability prompt many responsible consumers to conserve and control waste. [click to continue…]


Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Junk


Living a greener lifestyle means getting rid of junk responsibly–in an eco-friendly manner. You can promote a healthier planet simply by discarding your unwanted items in a way that does not harm the environment. The following tips will help you live a greener life by disposing of junk appropriately. [click to continue…]


Recycle to Positively Impact on your World…and Wallet


Recycling is a quick, easy way to make a positive impact on your household, community, and world. Landfills are brimming with waste that won’t biodegrade in thousands of years and the size of those landfills isn’t getting any smaller any time soon. Recycling is a great way to positively impact this problem. An added bonus for you—past simply knowing your doing a great thing for your environment—is that recycling saves, if not makes you money. Follow these tips below to get the most out of your recycling endeavors. Click to Read More..


Eating Green Sustainable Food

Eating Green Sustainable Food

There is an ongoing concern among consumers wondering what they can do to make their eating habits more environmental friendly? The idea is to eat Green and Sustainable food which is of high quality and not harmful for the environment. Because the food we eat is solely of our choice, our buying decisions can affect sustainability. It is important to ponder over at what we eat and from where we eat and if the cost of purchasing the particular product is high enough to have negative impact on our environment.

Eating Green Sustainable FoodIt is very obvious that to protect the environment is our first hand responsibility and every individual plays an important role towards the saving of environment and keeping it green. Recently the agriculture techniques, due to advancement in technology have led to massive and quick production of crops. But this has not brought a really positive impact on the earth, as huge damage is being done by the use of pesticides and insecticides causing erosion, over fishing in fisheries seas and oceans, and hunting of animals for meat. A part of this food production includes a lot of use of fossil fuel, like gas and petrol, which is a major cause of pollution!

We as humans can make the environment green and better by adopting habits of eating green sustainable food. The idea is just not keeping the environment healthy but you are also keeping your body healthy. So here are a few tips to eat green sustainable food.

Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

It is better to not opt for non-seasonal fruits and vegetable you usually get to see in the market, like mangoes in winters, as they are being transported over a long distance to reach you. Instead, opt for fruits and vegetables which are seasonal and your money benefit a local farmer. No wonder this is going to be fresh, unprocessed food and will be extremely beneficial for your health. This option opens you an opportunity to experiment new seasonal recipes, and refresh yourself with new tastes.

Go Organic

Organic grown food is just not better for the human body, but it is also better for our environment. Food grown organically is not exposed to the artificial process of using insecticides and pesticides or fertilizers. There is no use of hormones and antibiotics to raise animals for milk, egg, poultry, meat and seafood, which are not good for either human body or the environment. Organic food is becoming highly common for modern consumers, which is green and sustainable. What you got to see at your product packet is 100% Organic!

Reduce Your Meat Consumption

To raise livestock for meat requires a large amount of resources so they grow large enough to be slaughtered. It takes pounds of grain to feed animals for few pounds of meat, and a lesser amount of grain to raise chicks and fish which makes them a more sustainable option. Industrial meat production puts a heavy cost on the environment both in the consumption of land and use of water. To follow green sustainable eating habits try to figure out your meat life. Once you know where you meat comes from and if it is fresh and safe you would know if the animals are treated humanely.

Grow Your Own Food

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare piece of land in your home and a little of spare time, grow your own food and make it a little vegetable garden. Not only you can grow your vegetables but you can also raise a few chicks which will fulfill your daily need of poultry and eggs. But if you don’t have enough space don’t be dishearten, you can still grow little green items and cherry tomatoes in pots placed in your balcony or terrace or you can even have a little herb garden inside your kitchen. Growing plant will just not give you fresh and healthy food but will also make your contribution to a greener environment.

Reduce Food and Packaging Waste

To live more sustainably we need to decrease the amount of food wastage we make. The food we bring in our home results in a lot of trash. This trash just not puts a heavy cost on consumers and producers but also on the waste removal. The process of waste collection and disposal is not cost efficient or energy efficient and has an impact on the change of climate. Being a rational consumer you need to be conscious on what you buy and how much you buy. Don’t just reuse your food, but if you don’t need it then donate it. Learn to compost your food and be aware of your sustainable consumer behavior.

Prefer Locally Grown Food!

Food that is grown locally is just not fresh but also requires less fuel and resources to reach you. Avoid eating air freighted food to cut CO2 emissions as they are not healthy for body. Support your local economy by buying locally produced items as they will directly benefit the farmer in your area and will encourage him to produce better for you.

Choose Your Fish Carefully

The most sustainable choice that you can make while purchasing fish is to buy farm raised fish which eat plants. These include fish species such as trout, catfish and tilapia. Farm raised fishes are grown in ponds which just don’t take small space but are also very productive. While considering sea fish, Pollack and wild-caught salmon from Pacific Ocean are the sustainable choices. Try to avoid predator species while going green and sustainable.

These choices invite you to revise your buying behavior and eating habits to reduce your carbon footprint at your table. If you’re managing to skip processed food packed in plastic bags for the sake of real food grown at the farm, then you’re just on the right track!

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How Weather Calamities Affecting Renewable Energy Sources

weather calamities effecting green energy sources

Adverse weather can drastically impact renewable energy sources. In 2013, we have seen weather clamities effected many countries and not even the safest renewable installations are prone to weather catastrophic disasters.

Nature can strike anywhere in the world and extreme weather can destroy renewable energy installations.. In 2012, there were 905 natural disasters and 93 percent of those were related to weather, costing estimated $170 billion of destruction. The unpredictable conditions of the climate are on the rise such as a big freeze in the North America, typhoon Haiyan in Philippines and flooding in the UK. The severe storms and big freeze in North America at the end of 2013 and into 2014 are also the signs of dramatic transformation of global climate. Insurance companies have paid over $701 billion for damages from weather clamities.

The question arises that are these natural disasters only effecting our daily lives, resources and infrastructure? But what about the damage caused to renewable energy sources? Since 20th century the humans all over the globe were highly dependent on the use of fossil fuels but the 21st century trends have changed by greatly shifting to the use of renewable energy sources, which contributes a lot to the energy utilized these days. Unfortunately, natural disasters in the world are causing great damage to these sources and act as the major hindrances in the production of the sustainable and green energy.

weather calamities

According to BBC News, in October 2013, last year, in UK an incident of a wind turbine took place which collapsed due to strong winds and swept across the area. More notably £2 million wind turbine destruction occurred in North Ayrshire, Scotland, which had caught fire due to a severe storm in the region.

We cannot control the natural disasters, but we can work in building safest renewable energy equipment that can sustain natural calamities. It has to be addressed on bigger scale so that companies and Governments can work together providing equipment that can bear adverse weather.

Strong Winds

Strong winds can threaten the physical integrity of the turbine. Not only can they effect the production but destroy the machinery and installment. All renewable energy equipment should be prepared for the highest of winds and storms, as wind can effect the machinery. These events are infrequent and highly destructive because you cannot predict the weather to be destructive.

There should be a system that should cause a windmill to automatically shut down before the forces of the winds are strong enough to cause the turbines to break. A simple measure is to place a ball of metal on a chain atop a small pedestal on the turbine this will help generate vibration in the turbine as wind speed increases. A shutdown of the turbine is triggered as soon the metal ball falls off the pedestal as a result of violent vibrations. Other system monitors the wind speed and if the wind speed is above normal speed, it can be managed by a pitch-control system, altering the pitch, or angle, of the blades so they are misaligned with the wind direction, thus slowing the rotation. It’s always better to have dual axis photovoltaic plants as they have higher exposure from wind damage than ground mounted structures.

Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall is the major reason of floods around the world. The water tends to ingress into transformers and housing invertors together as a result of flooding. Because of the water, technical faults have to be managed and power breakdowns are faced due to delays in power production. No wonder, rainfall despite being a blessing hinders the effectiveness of the renewable energy sources.

In expectation of severe rain storms and hostile weather, it is very important to make sure that any equipment that is susceptible of damage due to rain is moved to a location where it will not be affected by water. Also temporary barriers are installed and activated against flood instantly.


Lightning is likely to effect structures such as a wind turbine or solar panels and especially steel framed designs. International standard IEC 61400-24 states the measures to protect the wind turbines against lightning strikes.

The rotor blades and bearings of the wind turbines are usually damaged by the lightning. To ease the damage affects, it is necessary that lightning receptors are integrated to defined strike points along the rotor and body of the wind turbine. The more familiar type of lightning protection for steel frame factories units housing like in biomass units, waste-to-energy plants etc. are the lighting rods or air terminals. These must be fitted to the local standard. A possible damage to computerized control units installed on biomass plants and other plants is caused by excessive power outage. Surge protection can be therefore fitted and used to help against this matter. An appropriate lightning protection along with the measures mentioned can help for the prevention of damage which is likely to be caused by a lightning storm.

There are solutions for every problem. To avoid the difficulties, we need to first see the source to it. The changes in the weather and climate are the resultant of extreme pollution produced by humans on earth. To start with we can cut carbon pollution by reducing our addiction to non renewable fossil fuels and increasing our use of green renewable energy. Another reason for flooding is that we cutting down our forests. Trees plays an important role in protection from flood and natural disasters.

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List of 12 Alternative Green Energy Sources

Alternative Green Energy Sources

Are we polluting the world too much? The world can be a better place by using renewable energy sources and making it green and more environment friendly. Because non-renewable sources are scarce and continue to deplete due to immense demand, green and harness renewable sources are discovered to satisfy needs of humans all around the globe. Green Energy sources are obtained naturally and do not tend to pollute the environment by omission of toxic material and gases.

Alternative Green Energy SourcesThe attributes of Green Energy Sources make it limitless, and it does not tend to suffer from exhaustion, depletion, leakage or contamination. It is very important to state that the best part about renewable energy is that prices continue to fall and plentiful clean energy becomes affordable and continues to be the more economic option.  Here is a list of 12 Green Energy sources which can be frequently recycled.

1. Solar Energy

It is one of fastest growing energy sources around the globe, widely used by new technologies. It is not of much surprise that the solar power is one of the most powerful sources of energy. No matter what the purpose may be; heating, lightning, cooling or generating electricity, sunlight can be used to do it all. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power is a method used by researchers to harness the energy from sun rays to generate electricity, by using either active solar or passive solar type. As a form of renewable energy source solar cells are proving to be easier to conveyance, effective and efficient, allowing for easy installation and even flexible to use.

2. Wind Energy

Since centuries wind power has been used to drive windmills and sail ships, and today this natural power is being used to generate electricity. The speed of the wind is converted into electricity and consists of around twenty five percent of energy being produced by this power. Out of all the renewable energy sources, wind energy has the lowest environmental impact.

3. Hydroelectricity

Water rushing downstream acts as a powerful force. The water in lakes and oceans is constantly evaporated by the heat of the sun which makes it extremely renewable. All round the year, the water is purified itself due to the cycle of nature. Once a hydropower structure is created, the gravitational force of falling water helps to produce electric current, without any waste or discharge, which proves it to be highly environmental friendly.

4. Biomass

Dead material and plants can also help in producing renewable energy. The photosynthesis process of plants has the tendency to generate energy, and when the plants burn they incline to release their energy, which is renewable. This energy produced from the burning of plants can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels in order to generate electricity, manufacturing goods, and fueling vehicles.

5. Biofuel

Scientist found out that they can generate a type of alcohol called ethanol from the fermentation of sugar in plants. The interesting thing is that they discovered that this fermentation can produce power in the form of biofuel. Biofuel is renewable source of energy generated from crops that usually have a high content of starch and sugar.

6. Hydrogen

This source is still at its initial stages but holds a great potential as an energy basis and fuel. Hydrogen is an important element of water, which we have plenty all over the world. Hydrogen when separated from other components can be used to produce electricity and satisfy needs of gas and petroleum.

7. Geothermal Energy

It is one of the most efficient ways to extract renewable energy through natural processes. Heat produced beneath the surface of the earth can be released through digging to provide people with vast amount of natural energy. Geothermal Power is not just environmental friendly, cost effective, reliable and long lasting but can power entire cities and towns with a large plant.

8. Tidal Power

Tidal generators rotate underwater and have the tendency to generate electricity. This energy source is considered to be more environmental friendly as it hardly puts any impact on the ecosystem. The Earth-Moon system and the Earth-Sun system directly produce these tides in combination with the movement of the earth making it ever lasting form of generating electricity.

9. Wave Power

Wave Power is not a common source of producing renewable energy but is highly capable of generating electricity. The mechanical energy is created by the mounting and sinking of the waves through a buoy-like structure which is transformed into electricity that is then transmitted to shore over a submerged line.  It is quite difficult to harness wave energy due to the randomness of the ocean and wave course but even then the energy of the ocean waves can be captured to do beneficial work.

10. Radiant Energy

This is a sort of natural energy which acts almost but not exactly like electricity at a less low cost than normal electricity. It can be gathered directly from the environment or with fractionation can be pulled out from ordinary electricity.

11. Nuclear Energy

Electricity can be produced by a process of fission of atoms of uranium. Fission is capable of producing steam energy that can be used to produce electric current. However, there is a long debate! Is nuclear energy renewable and green?

12. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a famous source of free and renewable energy. He is the key inventor to the findings of major sources of renewable energy like wind, geothermal and ocean. It was by his efforts that people started considering the existence and importance of these alternative ways to produce energy.

Renewable energy has the advantage to come from natural sources that are continually and sustainably refilled. The sources mentioned above will make our world a healthier place and prosperous by refining our air quality. This will reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels helping us protect environment and protect habitat.

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How to Better Utilize the Solar Energy for Advantages?

solar energy

solar energySun is a largest star in our galaxy that provides useful energy to planet earth. Solar energy can be used for number of advantages. You must have heard about utilizing sun energy for solar panels to generate alternative energy. We have made a list of easy ways to utilize the solar energy to your advantage.

Dry your clothes

In this fast paced world, our first thought is using a dryer to dry the clothes. Alternatively, we can use sun energy to dry the clothes and save the cost of dryer. Not many people would rely on this method because of extreme weather conditions that may affect the natural dryer.

Grow food

You can build a solar green house to grow different fruits and vegetables in extreme cold weather as in Canada. You can store the solar heat in earth or concrete, double skinned green house or bubble green house.

Purify Water

If your local water supple is unsafe, you can store water in a plastic bottle. Put the plastic bottle in the sunlight for at least six hours. Sun’s ultraviolet rays will kill bacteria present in the water. It is one of the best natural purifier and disinfectant.

Generate electricity

Yes, solar panels are a great way to power your entire house. You may get incentives for installing green energy source. It will save you a lot of money every year on energy bills. These days photovoltaic panels costs are much cheaper as compared to it was 15 years ago. You can be a part of green revolution by installing solar panels to generate energy.

Water heating

In China, people use solar energy to heat the water in their house. You can use evacuated tubes to gather the sun’s heat. It will provide estimated 30% percent of your hot water needs in winters and 100% in summer.

Power your car

Cars like Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt are purely electric vehicles. You can use solar panels to charge your car battery. Every year, you will save a lot of money on charging your car purely on sun’s energy.

Design your home

Many homes are built in a way to utilize the solar energy. Sun light can be utilized by using south facing windows and maximum insulation on the north. It will create a thermal mass to store sun energy in your house. It will help in reducing the energy needs by 50% every year.

Heating your house

Solar heaters can be used for water and house heating needs. Solar hot panels collect water to provide the alternative to electric and gas heaters. It will save you thousands of dollars every year.

Use of solar energy concept is not new to us. It was used by people many years ago to fulfil their daily needs. We created other means to generate energy that we thought would be helpful. However, the ultimate source of energy “sun” can be used to generate green energy to save the environment.

Alternatively, you can also try the Nicola Tesla Secret device to generate green energy.

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How to Build a House for Off the Grid Living

off the grid green living

Can you imagine a house without electricity, without the television and no toilet? A House and Off the Grid are two states of total change in consciousness. It is just not the wish to have what you need but also the willingness to thrive in a setting which is about taking you off the land, in love to produce your own food and energy. So Living off the Grid is a complete idea of self-reliance with the Mother Earth, just not to save your hard earned cash but also to prove your love for life, nature and animals.

To start with How to build your Off the Grid House, it is to emphasize that the concept is to surrender to the peace and serenity of nature. A life of simplicity, where you have no link with the technology! No iPod, no television, no air conditioning and yes no cars. The idea just doesn’t end here, but the thought is more about an eco-friendly living.

It is mindful to know that it is a very healthy decision and just needs comprehensive planning and a lot of patience. If you are willing to acquire the resources, then you are just a few steps away to start the way of life you have never visualized. Follow this off the grid living advice.

Develop The Right Mindset!

off the grid green livingThis idea might have been appealing a lot to you since you have heard but wait and extend the frame of mind. To make your living a complete success it is just not important to have the resources and spirit to do it, but also to obligate yourself and make a commitment to a maintainable lifestyle. The idea of isolated living can be different from individual to individual, but if you fail to accept the challenges of this living, then it can be very costly. If you don’t fear sacrifices and hard work, and don’t mind disposing of your own waste, then you have cleared the first step to your future house.

Choose The Right Location:

What exactly do you picture when you think of a house away from a populated area? It is solely your choice to choose your site. Top of a mountain, a desert, somewhere in the forest, valleys or nearby a river wherever you desire, just look for thinly populated area, where you are more in contact with the nature. Some woodland around the house, area for farming, water availability and ample of sunlight would make it an ideal location. Make sure you consider legal rights to your property and use of natural resources around you. Before you make any purchases, visit as many sites as possible and choose the one which appeals you the most, it’s all about nature and beauty now.

Power Generation Alternatives:

Life without public utilities is not as easy as it sounds, all the household chores cannot be done depending on the natural energy. It is not of much surprise that off-grid residents can generate their own electricity. Solar and wind power are the most common techniques to be used to generate electricity from nature, other than using fossil fuels. Though it can be expensive to install huge batteries to store energy, but a south facing house and high trees around the house can help generate enough electricity for your household. But if you are still worrying about a rainy or cloudy day not producing enough energy for your use, then brave decision ends you up at using wood to produce fire! No wonder this difficult decision of yours is still not that difficult as now the Nikola Tesla Secret has been revealed. Mr. Nicola has made things pretty easy, as Nikola Tesla Secret provides us with free energy and can save your money. Your house just needs this one device, and your energy tensions are free.

Importance of Basic Needs for Survival:

A very essential component when moving to a rural area is to ensure a reliable water supply. It is a serious issue and needs to be thoroughly revised for all sorts of usage. Digging a well can be a standard practice but for safe drinking water it should be regularly tested. If you have a river nearby then your gardening needs are fulfilled, but if not then a rain barrel can complement supply or the rainfall for your area should be enough to fulfill the water needs of your household, this should be checked pre hand. It is also very important to know that collecting the water from the river or stream nearby may contain animal feces and bacteria and may not be too healthy to use without being purified.

Regulate your sewage system as safe disposable is an important component of an environmental friendly living. Even if you do not have a building code, waste needs to be disposed of properly, and therefore composting toilets are adequate in many regions.

Make up a plan today to escape pollution to a serene environment, and grow your own food, walk for miles, listen to chirping birds, visualize the sunset, read your favorite books and enjoy the healthiest way to nourish yourself. This is the backward way to refresh you!

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14 Amazing Benefits of Eating Cucumbers

fresh cucumbers

cucumbers[dropcap-black]Y[/dropcap-black]ou might have heard the quote “as cool as cucumber”, it is surprising that there are cool benefits of eating cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of the largest cultivated vegetable in the world and one of the amazing super foods available. Buying a full bag of cucumbers is like buying a health package from a store.

Rehydrates Your Body

Are you feeling thirsty? Eat a cucumber! That is right, cucumber contains 90% of water. If your body is dehydrated, eating cucumber will provide instant hydration for your body.

Fighting Heat

Are you living in hottest areas of the world? Cucumber will help you fight against the heat and the effects on your body from heat. Eating cucumbers and application on your eyes will give you a relief from sun burn and hot weather.

Recharge Vitamins

Cucumber contains vital vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C, which helps in boosting immune system against many diseases. Using the cucumber with its skin provides good balance of vitamins for your daily need. You can boost the super food effects by mixing it with carrot juice.

Full of Minerals

It also contain minerals that are important for your body like potassium, magnesium and silicon.

Reduce Weight

Are you worried about your body fat and weight? Cucumber can help you reduce body fat and weight because of its low calorie count. Chewing cucumbers with your daily diet can help you in getting good digestive system because of fibre.

Protect Eyes

Cucumbers provide a great relief to your because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Place a sliced cucumber on your eyes and see the magic.

Fight against Cancer

Cucumber contains secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol and pinoresinol, which have a strong connection in reducing various cancer types.

Helps in Preventing Major Diseases

Cucumber juice contains important hormone which is needed by pancreas to create insulin for regular blood sugar levels in your body. Cucumber also help in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Prevents Gum Problems

Cucumber helps in protecting gums against diseases and killing bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. Next time, if you don’t find a toothpaste, eat a cucumber.

Hair and Nail Formula

Cucumber makes your hair and nail healthier and shinier because of sulfur and silica.

Joint Health and Arthritis

Cucumber promotes joint health by strengthening connecting tissues in your body. It is also very effective in lowering the uric acid levels when you drink with carrot juice.

Cures Hangover

If you are suffering with morning headaches or hangovers, try eating cucumber slices before going to sleep. Cucumber contains vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes that are very effective against morning headaches and hangovers.

Kidney Health

Cucumber helps in lowering the uric acid, which cause kidney stones. Maintaining a good healthy diet with cucumber can help you maintain your kidneys healthy.

Start eating cucumbers today to have all the benefits of this super food.

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5 Foods that You Must Avoid for Healthy Living

unhealthy foods

unhealthy foods[dropcap-1]W[/dropcap-1]e are often obsessed with certain kind of foods because of taste and desire to eat them. These foods must be avoided in order to maintain healthy living. We know it is very hard to quit something, but you can slowly move away from these unhealthy foods.

Cookies and Sugary Chocolates
You might be addicted to Oreo cookies or Snickers chocolates, but these are full of sugar that creates chemicals in your body. Accord to Connecticut College study, eating cookies activated more neurons in the rat brain than a cocaine.

Nutrition Facts Snickers Chocolate


Serving Size 1 bar (2 oz) (57 g)

Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 296
Calories from Fat


Total Fat 16.4g25%
Saturated Fat


Polyunsaturated Fat


Monounsaturated Fat








Dietary Fiber






Vitamin A






Sugar is not a food!

Something you feel a craving for eating something sweet because it is an addiction when you eat chocolate bars like Snickers or Oreo cookies. It may be low in cholesterol, but the sugar levels are very high.

Non Organic Fruits and Strawberries

Non-organic strawberries and most of the fruits are drenched in pesticides and fungicides. These are harmful for human body that is why workers wear protective gloves before spraying or during the manufacturing process.

The best solution is to grow your own organic fruits and strawberries. If you cannot grow, you can buy organic fruits. It may cost you much more because organic fruits are expensive.


This must be hard to quit because we know many people love eating bacons. Bacon is loaded with calories and 69 percent includes bad fats. It is high in cholesterol and saturated fats, which may cause cancer and chronic pulmonary disease. Every year an average person consumes 18 pounds of bacon in USA. You can try other alternatives and meats having less cholesterol.

Junk Food or Fast Food

Young teenage girls are exposed to breast cancer when they are consuming too much junk foods. We know it is mouth-watering treat at your favourite fast food restaurant. It is because of addictive taste enhancing chemicals like MSG, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. MSG cause neurological brain damage, but it tastes too good that you keep enjoying the food.

If you quit eating junk food, it will do miracle to your health. Your skin will glow and you will feel more active and healthy.

Carbonated Drinks and Sodas

Many people are addicted to Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Sodas and it is a regular drink with every meal. It makes you obese and increase cholesterol levels. Do you know a big glass of Pepsi is like having 10 tea spoons full of sugar? These drinks not only increase cholesterol levels, but also reduce immunity. Your teeth and bones starts getting weaker. People drinking too many carbonated drinks are likely to have kidney diseases.

You can try drinking more water and fresh fruit juices to overcome your carbonated drinks or soda addiction. You will see the change in your body when you quit carbonated drinks.

Follow the above tips to green healthy living tomorrow.

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