14 Amazing Benefits of Eating Cucumbers

cucumbers[dropcap-black]Y[/dropcap-black]ou might have heard the quote “as cool as cucumber”, it is surprising that there are cool benefits of eating cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of the largest cultivated vegetable in the world and one of the amazing super foods available. Buying a full bag of cucumbers is like buying a health package from a store.

Rehydrates Your Body

Are you feeling thirsty? Eat a cucumber! That is right, cucumber contains 90% of water. If your body is dehydrated, eating cucumber will provide instant hydration for your body.

Fighting Heat

Are you living in hottest areas of the world? Cucumber will help you fight against the heat and the effects on your body from heat. Eating cucumbers and application on your eyes will give you a relief from sun burn and hot weather.

Recharge Vitamins

Cucumber contains vital vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C, which helps in boosting immune system against many diseases. Using the cucumber with its skin provides good balance of vitamins for your daily need. You can boost the super food effects by mixing it with carrot juice.

Full of Minerals

It also contain minerals that are important for your body like potassium, magnesium and silicon.

Reduce Weight

Are you worried about your body fat and weight? Cucumber can help you reduce body fat and weight because of its low calorie count. Chewing cucumbers with your daily diet can help you in getting good digestive system because of fibre.

Protect Eyes

Cucumbers provide a great relief to your because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Place a sliced cucumber on your eyes and see the magic.

Fight against Cancer

Cucumber contains secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol and pinoresinol, which have a strong connection in reducing various cancer types.

Helps in Preventing Major Diseases

Cucumber juice contains important hormone which is needed by pancreas to create insulin for regular blood sugar levels in your body. Cucumber also help in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Prevents Gum Problems

Cucumber helps in protecting gums against diseases and killing bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. Next time, if you don’t find a toothpaste, eat a cucumber.

Hair and Nail Formula

Cucumber makes your hair and nail healthier and shinier because of sulfur and silica.

Joint Health and Arthritis

Cucumber promotes joint health by strengthening connecting tissues in your body. It is also very effective in lowering the uric acid levels when you drink with carrot juice.

Cures Hangover

If you are suffering with morning headaches or hangovers, try eating cucumber slices before going to sleep. Cucumber contains vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes that are very effective against morning headaches and hangovers.

Kidney Health

Cucumber helps in lowering the uric acid, which cause kidney stones. Maintaining a good healthy diet with cucumber can help you maintain your kidneys healthy.

Start eating cucumbers today to have all the benefits of this super food.

“Image courtesy of “Cucumber” by dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

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