How to Better Utilize the Solar Energy for Advantages?

solar energySun is a largest star in our galaxy that provides useful energy to planet earth. Solar energy can be used for number of advantages. You must have heard about utilizing sun energy for solar panels to generate alternative energy. We have made a list of easy ways to utilize the solar energy to your advantage.

Dry your clothes

In this fast paced world, our first thought is using a dryer to dry the clothes. Alternatively, we can use sun energy to dry the clothes and save the cost of dryer. Not many people would rely on this method because of extreme weather conditions that may affect the natural dryer.

Grow food

You can build a solar green house to grow different fruits and vegetables in extreme cold weather as in Canada. You can store the solar heat in earth or concrete, double skinned green house or bubble green house.

Purify Water

If your local water supple is unsafe, you can store water in a plastic bottle. Put the plastic bottle in the sunlight for at least six hours. Sun’s ultraviolet rays will kill bacteria present in the water. It is one of the best natural purifier and disinfectant.

Generate electricity

Yes, solar panels are a great way to power your entire house. You may get incentives for installing green energy source. It will save you a lot of money every year on energy bills. These days photovoltaic panels costs are much cheaper as compared to it was 15 years ago. You can be a part of green revolution by installing solar panels to generate energy.

Water heating

In China, people use solar energy to heat the water in their house. You can use evacuated tubes to gather the sun’s heat. It will provide estimated 30% percent of your hot water needs in winters and 100% in summer.

Power your car

Cars like Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt are purely electric vehicles. You can use solar panels to charge your car battery. Every year, you will save a lot of money on charging your car purely on sun’s energy.

Design your home

Many homes are built in a way to utilize the solar energy. Sun light can be utilized by using south facing windows and maximum insulation on the north. It will create a thermal mass to store sun energy in your house. It will help in reducing the energy needs by 50% every year.

Heating your house

Solar heaters can be used for water and house heating needs. Solar hot panels collect water to provide the alternative to electric and gas heaters. It will save you thousands of dollars every year.

Use of solar energy concept is not new to us. It was used by people many years ago to fulfil their daily needs. We created other means to generate energy that we thought would be helpful. However, the ultimate source of energy “sun” can be used to generate green energy to save the environment.

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