How to Build a House for Off the Grid Living

Can you imagine a house without electricity, without the television and no toilet? A House and Off the Grid are two states of total change in consciousness. It is just not the wish to have what you need but also the willingness to thrive in a setting which is about taking you off the land, in love to produce your own food and energy. So Living off the Grid is a complete idea of self-reliance with the Mother Earth, just not to save your hard earned cash but also to prove your love for life, nature and animals.

To start with How to build your Off the Grid House, it is to emphasize that the concept is to surrender to the peace and serenity of nature. A life of simplicity, where you have no link with the technology! No iPod, no television, no air conditioning and yes no cars. The idea just doesn’t end here, but the thought is more about an eco-friendly living.

It is mindful to know that it is a very healthy decision and just needs comprehensive planning and a lot of patience. If you are willing to acquire the resources, then you are just a few steps away to start the way of life you have never visualized. Follow this off the grid living advice.

Develop The Right Mindset!

off the grid green livingThis idea might have been appealing a lot to you since you have heard but wait and extend the frame of mind. To make your living a complete success it is just not important to have the resources and spirit to do it, but also to obligate yourself and make a commitment to a maintainable lifestyle. The idea of isolated living can be different from individual to individual, but if you fail to accept the challenges of this living, then it can be very costly. If you don’t fear sacrifices and hard work, and don’t mind disposing of your own waste, then you have cleared the first step to your future house.

Choose The Right Location:

What exactly do you picture when you think of a house away from a populated area? It is solely your choice to choose your site. Top of a mountain, a desert, somewhere in the forest, valleys or nearby a river wherever you desire, just look for thinly populated area, where you are more in contact with the nature. Some woodland around the house, area for farming, water availability and ample of sunlight would make it an ideal location. Make sure you consider legal rights to your property and use of natural resources around you. Before you make any purchases, visit as many sites as possible and choose the one which appeals you the most, it’s all about nature and beauty now.

Power Generation Alternatives:

Life without public utilities is not as easy as it sounds, all the household chores cannot be done depending on the natural energy. It is not of much surprise that off-grid residents can generate their own electricity. Solar and wind power are the most common techniques to be used to generate electricity from nature, other than using fossil fuels. Though it can be expensive to install huge batteries to store energy, but a south facing house and high trees around the house can help generate enough electricity for your household. But if you are still worrying about a rainy or cloudy day not producing enough energy for your use, then brave decision ends you up at using wood to produce fire! No wonder this difficult decision of yours is still not that difficult as now the Nikola Tesla Secret has been revealed. Mr. Nicola has made things pretty easy, as Nikola Tesla Secret provides us with free energy and can save your money. Your house just needs this one device, and your energy tensions are free.

Importance of Basic Needs for Survival:

A very essential component when moving to a rural area is to ensure a reliable water supply. It is a serious issue and needs to be thoroughly revised for all sorts of usage. Digging a well can be a standard practice but for safe drinking water it should be regularly tested. If you have a river nearby then your gardening needs are fulfilled, but if not then a rain barrel can complement supply or the rainfall for your area should be enough to fulfill the water needs of your household, this should be checked pre hand. It is also very important to know that collecting the water from the river or stream nearby may contain animal feces and bacteria and may not be too healthy to use without being purified.

Regulate your sewage system as safe disposable is an important component of an environmental friendly living. Even if you do not have a building code, waste needs to be disposed of properly, and therefore composting toilets are adequate in many regions.

Make up a plan today to escape pollution to a serene environment, and grow your own food, walk for miles, listen to chirping birds, visualize the sunset, read your favorite books and enjoy the healthiest way to nourish yourself. This is the backward way to refresh you!

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