Can Your Laptop Save You Money on Electricity Bills?

You probably have never given this a second thought, but most portable devices that contain an internal battery are quite energy efficient and can help reduce your electricity bills. Laptops in particular are especially a much better purchase than a full PC unit, due to them been more energy efficient with specially adapted LED screens, low voltage processors and parts which help reduce their carbon footprint. Certain models and makes have different power inputs and outputs so it’s wise to check their energy rating.  Laptops are certainly more energy efficient than desktop PC’s using approximately 25% lesser energy and can function on 30 watts of energy compared to a desktop PC that may run on up to 125 watts of energy.

save energy using laptopSome of the major laptop manufacturers are producing more energy efficient laptops for a number of reasons including lowering their carbon footprint and the impacts it has on our planet.Most manufacturers have vigorously developed and tested their laptop’s energy efficiency by installing lower power using fans, circuits and power management features, with components such as chip sets, lower powered processors, lower voltage power supplies and memory they have seen their energy efficiency usage enhanced. Dell is a big leader in the race for creating more energy efficient laptops and are constantly working on this idea.

How often you use your laptop can affect how much energy you can save, if you use your laptop for game playing this can quickly flatten the battery and cause you to charge it more often. Using the energy saving mode on laptops can make a difference too, also changing the screen brightness to a lower setting can significantly reduce power consumption.

Another way to help with your laptops efficiency is not to constantly leave it plugged in on charge, forgetting to power it off and just leaving it running for no purpose at all can cause higher electricity bills. If you don’t need to use then always turn it off.

When looking for a new laptop or if you can’t live without a PC, look for the symbols displaying the Energy Star which is a reputable symbol, products that display these signs have met specific guidelines for energy efficiency. A laptop displaying an Energy Star uses about 20% less watts than regular computers. The sleep mode function on an Energy Star rated computer or laptop uses only 2 watts or less of energy which makes them a much better alternative to your computing needs.

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