DIY Alternative Green Energy Ideas for Your Home

Diy Energy[dropcap-2]L[/dropcap-2]et’s be honest, energy is becoming expensive. With the increasing cost of oil and gas, the world is becoming an expensive place to live. Alternative Green Energy has become a buzzword in business world, but how can we apply these types of energy to our homes? The answer is much easier than you would think. By applying these simple strategies to your home, you could find yourself saving a great amount of money. Imagine having a surplus of money to spend every month and what you could be using your hard earned dollars to buy!

Eating Green Saves Green

A lot of us spend a lot of money in the produce section of our groceries and markets buying vegetables and fruits for hundreds of dollars a month. These vegetables and fruits often come from regions that have lots of sunlight and optimal growing conditions. They are then shipped at great expense to your market. The first strategy is by growing your own garden! By limiting the amount of items you keep in your fridge or freezer, you can downsize your appliances and save a great deal of money on powering that gigantic stainless steel appliance living in your kitchen. Growing a garden costs just a few dollars, and with attention and care, your garden can produce enough produce to feed your entire family not only during the summer, but also with proper storage and pickling, can feed you for the entire year. Not only will you be saving money on downsizing your appliances, but you’ll be spending much less at the grocery store with homemade jams, sauces and your very own selection of fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

DIY Blackout!

This alternative green energy solution is one that is very easy to do. Create your own blackout at home! Every appliance that have a flashing clock on it or a light run when you’re away from home and use costly electricity to power those little lights. Make sure that when you’re not using those appliances to unplug them from the wall. Every time you unplug these appliances and electronics you’re saving money. Make sure when you’re not using your T.V., your stove, even your washer and dryer, that they are completely unplugged from the wall. And when you are at home, turn off any lights that you’re not using. Also, consider using candlelight. Not only do we not need overhead lighting all of the time, but the soft lighting creates a warm ambiance in any room.

The Nikola Tesla Secret

It is not very well known that Nikola Tesla created a device that can save you a ton of money every month on energy. This effective device is a simple alternative green energy and cost-effective method to bring savings to any home. For a one-time payment for this small simple circuit that is portable and can be used anywhere, you can save energy every day. This device is not only environmentally friendly, but uses no harmful ingredients and produces no harmful byproducts! 

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