Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Junk

Living a greener lifestyle means getting rid of junk responsibly–in an eco-friendly manner. You can promote a healthier planet simply by discarding your unwanted items in a way that does not harm the environment. The following tips will help you live a greener life by disposing of junk appropriately.

Give It to Resale or Thrift Stores

Thrift stores and resale shops are happy to take unwanted stuff off your hands. That old cabinet you never refinished or those outdated clothes are items you can give to these shops. More and more people are buying second-hand to save money and to promote reuse of useful items. You can keep some empty boxes on hand and fill them as you come across items in your home that you no longer need. Once a box is full, you can drop it off at your local thrift store.

Call a Junk Hauler

When it’s time to get rid of old appliances, you can call an eco-friendly junk hauling service that can responsibly discard your unwanted items. Some services “do all the loading, clean-up, pickup and dumping of your unwanted junk” (1) and recycle the material accordingly. For large appliances like old refrigerators or freezers, a professional removal service is the most efficient way to recycle these unwanted items.

Maintain a Compost Bin

You can responsibly dispose of a variety of organic items like newspapers, coffee grounds, and even egg shells. When you compost, “You’ll have less garbage and the best fertilizer on the block.” (2) Composting is easy. You can create your own compost pile in your yard or purchase a ready-made compost bin designed for easy composting.

Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

You can sell your unwanted items by taking them to a flea market or having a yard sale. You can even sell your unwanted items online on auction sites. Why keep unwanted items laying around when you can sell them for cash?

Organize for Success

When you have the proper recycling receptacles at home, you’ll find that it’s much easier to discard your waste responsibly. By having separate bins for various types of recyclable, you can dispose of them accordingly and so can your family. Train your family so each member knows where to discard their unwanted items like plastic bottles, cans, paper, and so forth.

Be Careful What You Buy

If you purchase eco-friendly materials in the first place, you will have less worrisome material to discard. Try to purchase earth-friendly materials and avoid hazardous products whenever you can. You can even use natural items like lemon and vinegar instead of toxic cleaning agents. Moreover, the more items you can effectively reuse at home, the less new materials you will need to purchase–which is better for the environment.

Try these tips and you, too, can live a more eco-friendly life. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. The more people eliminate waste responsibly, the healthier the planet will be.

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