How to Generate Cheap Electricity for Greener Earth

cheap electricity[dropcap-2]T[/dropcap-2]he earth is losing non-renewable energy resources at an alarming rate. The cost of oil and gas keeps climbing higher and industries are spending millions upon millions of dollars in research in renewable energy resources. Not only is non-renewable energy costly, but it is also destroying our environment. It has devastated our forests and resulted in green house gases that continue to ruin our atmosphere.

Although we have already been using renewable energy for centuries we are just now grasping the full potential of green power. With the development of these methods of generating cheap electricity we can look forward to no longer harming the environment and completely earth friendly methods of powering our homes, our vehicles and our factories. There are many forms of cheap electricity already available to us. Most of them have already been used efficiently in high industry. These sources range from capturing the heat and light produced by the sun to using the winds energy to successfully provide power to entire cities in Europe.

The Answer is growing Around Us!

Not only do trees provide shade in the summer and shelter in the winter, but have been used as a resource that can multi-task unlike any other. From its wood being a cheap and strong building material to being burned for heat and fuel, trees produce a great deal of our planets biomass energy. Not only can you grow trees almost anywhere in the Americas and in addition they are completely free. Seeds can be harvested from parks or from leaf clippings. Even the fumes produced from the waste of our industries have been harnessed as an effective source of biomass energy.

We Breathe Energy!

Every day, the entire population of the Earth is breathing infinite amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the most basic elements and a completely cheap electricity resource. When an electrical current is passed through water, which is formed of hydrogen and oxygen, the result is its original two base components. This amazing process is called electrolysis. Electrolysis creates hydrogen, which has been used by NASA in its liquid form and produces little to no pollution whatsoever. Electrolysis also creates the byproduct oxygen, which not only sustains human life but is necessary for plant life also. Hydrogen is also used in Hydrogen fuel cells, which are compared to the everyday battery you can find in your home. 

The Nikola Tesla Secret

One of the biggest secrets in alternative energy is the Nikola Tesla Secret. This device is on that is so small it can be closely compared to that of a handheld. It is not only an effective method of producing energy but it is made from materials that are not harmful to the environment, nor produces any byproduct that may pollute the environment. This cost effective small circuit can be simply transported anywhere and used at night or during the day. This method is a cheap electricity generation source that can be included in many ways we can strive for a greener Earth.

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