How to Start Living Green Simple and Easy?

This is our first post and the launch of Start Green Living with a hope to build a better and green world. Our website is powered by 100% green resources and we follow green standards to make the world go green.

What is Green Living?

Green living has different meaning to different people, but the most basic purpose is to do or make the changes that would have an impact on environment. Green living is to make choices that are good for the earth. These decisions can be simple and very easy to follow, but there are other green living concepts that are big to implement.

Are You Ready To Start Green Living?

It is very simple to follow and start green living by making habits in your daily routine.


  • You can conserve and protect water at your homes and offices toilets, fixtures and different appliances.
  • Less use of highly toxic products and use of non-toxic products.
  • Alternative energy production like solar energy and wind energy.
  • Using the products made from plants like Biodiesel, E-85.
  • You can even buy organic clothing that is made of 100% cotton or linen.
  • Buying the products that can be re-used helps in recycling and reducing the waste.
  • Turn off extra lights at your home and always check before leaving your house.
  • You can use alternative energy and green energy products to generate your own electricity.
  • Using the food that is good for health like vegetables and fruits collected from farms.


Save the Earth Mission

Some agree and some may not, but the temperature is rising. There are proof of unexpected weather changes, melting of ice and many species in danger of going extinct.

It is not hard to change your daily routine. You can simply start living green by following the simple steps. It is important to keep check of everything and you don’t have to buy the products to start living green, but to stop buying products. Think about your daily routine and put your debit or credit card in pocket. Don’t buy something that is not a necessity.

So, are you ready to start green living? We are!

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