How to Make Your Home Windows More Energy Efficient

Windows are a great factor of heat loss in your home, they can become draughty in the winter especially some of the older style metal or wooden windows, letting your precious heat escape from your home, which is one of the major causes of higher fuel bills. If you can afford new Double-glazing, it has great benefits to your energy usage especially with the newer energy efficient windows that are on the market these days. If you can’t afford this expensive option then there are many cheaper alternatives.

Secondary Glazing

Is a secondary unit comprising of a glass frame that can be fitted inside the existing window reveal. It doesn’t offer you the same effect as double glazing but can dramatically reduce heat loss, saving you around £105.00 a year on heating costs. They are much cheaper to buy and fit and if you are a handy DIY person you can install them yourself.

Heavy Curtains, Blinds or Shutters

Using one or all of these options is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Heavy lined or thermal backed curtains can help reduce the loss of heat from your home especially at night and can prevent draughts from entering your room. Sealed blind units and shutters also have the same effect on reducing heat loss and draughts.

Checking and Sealing Gaps

Just by checking your windows for holes and gaps can also help you on your quest for being more energy efficient. Seal gaps and holes with decorators caulk to prevent nuisance draughts from entering your home.

Protective Films

Applying a protective film coating to your windows is an excellent choice for greener living especially with some of the most advanced protective films you can purchase that can come in different colours and patterns, such as UV filtered films which are great from preventing both heat entering your home and heat loss, heat reduction films to name but a few. These films adhere to your glass and can help reduce heat loss up to 80% whilst still letting natural sunlight to filter through.

Keeping Your Windows Clean

Just by simply keeping your windows clean and free from dirt and debris, can improve their energy efficiency by making sure the channels of where your windows close are clean and free from dirt which can prevent windows from closing properly and can help reduce the effects of draughts.

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