Recycle to Positively Impact on your World…and Wallet

Recycling is a quick, easy way to make a positive impact on your household, community, and world. Landfills are brimming with waste that won’t biodegrade in thousands of years and the size of those landfills isn’t getting any smaller any time soon. Recycling is a great way to positively impact this problem. An added bonus for you—past simply knowing your doing a great thing for your environment—is that recycling saves, if not makes you money. Follow these tips below to get the most out of your recycling endeavors.

Reuse Household or Second-Hand Items

One of the best ways to begin recycling in your home is to never let the items you are recycling leave the house at all. In other words reuse them inside your own home. If you need to write something down or your children need to draw a picture, use the back of a piece of paper you have already written on the front of. You’ll not only save trees here, but money as well.

You can reuse old fabrics from towels, old clothing, or other second hand garments or linens to make something new. Use a friend’s sewing machine—or have them do it—to make a new sweater, pair of curtains, sheets, or other exciting new item. The new thing you create from these scraps could have a warm, inviting, homemade feel to them that will be unique to you.

For things taking place outside the home, like landscaping, make a compost heap of all your lawn clippings, raked leaves, or cut down tree or shrub limbs. Making a compost heap means that not only do you not need to bag and throw away your items to add to a landfill, but it also means that you won’t need to buy fertilizer for your lawn; you’ve just created it instead.

Recycle Creatively

If you need to wrap gifts, consider using newspaper to wrap them instead of buying new gift wrap—truth be told, some newspaper with the comic section in color or black and white might add a nice artistic, homemade look to the gift. Also, if you’ve been given a gift bag for a gift this year, consider saving it to reuse next year. For those reused gift bags, tissue paper is a cheap expense if you must purchase something, but you can always just use household tissues instead.

To line your small wastepaper baskets in an office or under the sink, try using those plastic grocery bags you have instead of throwing them away. You can also use those bags to wrap up smelly items like diapers, old food, or other items that you would need a small bag for. If you have recently had something shipped to you, reuse that box for gift giving or shipping items to another location. Finally, containers that held jam, sandwich meat, peanut butter, or any other substance that can be cleaned out can be used to store leftovers from a meal you’ve made, a jam you just created, or trapping and disposing of grease you just created from a meal.

Recycle Items Away from the Home

See what options your neighborhood or community has for recycling items. When you recycle in your area, you might be entitled to a voucher that will get free food or money off at a local restaurant or other stores in your community. If you don’t get a voucher, you might actually receive quid instead. The payout for recycling usually isn’t huge, but the small pence really add up over time and it’s one less piece of trash in the garbage. Get creative with your recycling to not only save money and the environment, but to also make some money as well.

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