Solar Panels: 4 Ways they Save the Earth’s Resources

solar panelsWe know that fossil fuels are a finite resource for energy, which is why there’s been such a surge towards solar power. Solar panels are increasing in popularity for a simple reason: sunlight isn’t going away anytime soon. Here are just a few of the ways that solar panels help save the earth’s resources, with their problems and solutions:

1.)  Fossil fuels are environmentally destructive. Coal and oil energy are high sources of greenhouse gas, which harms the atmosphere.

The problem: Coal is four times less expensive to produce than solar power.

The solution: Cost-efficient development of solar panels will increase the energy output while decreasing the price.

2.)  Solar power can be harnessed differently. Solar panels are either sun absorbent photovoltaic panels with semi-conductors or a lens/mirror panel with precision focus.

The problem: The production of both types of solar panels is expensive and only produces about 1% of the U.S.’ electricity supply.

The solution: Improvements are constantly being made on the materials being used to produce panels. Some experts expect the cost will decrease 50% in the next two years for solar panels.

3.)  Solar panels are eco-friendly. Fossil fuels are responsible for: greenhouse gas; air pollution and sound pollution. Solar panels are cleaner and greener in every aspect.

The problem: There are arguments against solar panels for the amount of space they take up (affecting local plants and animals) and for being eyesores.

The solution: As solar energy awareness and demand increases, there will be a more structured approach to solar panel placement.

4.)  Solar power’s greatest output is when demand is highest. The fact that solar panels have their power peak at the same time energy use is most needed makes it ideal.

The problem: General energy consumption is much more than it should be. The dichotomy of using solar power to run air conditioning (which can also be harmful) in the summer wastes the energy resource.

The solution: The more energy-conscious people become the more conservative they’ll be in using energy or electricity wastefully.

Solar panels are very real part of our now and near-future as a valid replacement for fossil fuels. There are so many companies getting involved in the testing, designing and marketing of panels they’ll soon be commonplace energy sources.

For every problem with using solar power, there are viable solutions at hand. Solar panels will help save the earth’s resources; we just need to give the technology a little more time.

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