Sustainable Energy – For Present and Future

sustainable energyOne should realize the fact that it is important to maintain wise energy use in order to ensure there would be adequate amount of sustainable energy for the present as well as future generations. It is all about monitoring the wise usage of energy that is generated from specific source and technology.

Advantages of efficient energy usage

One of the biggest advantages that are gained from being energy efficient is that it helps in reducing greenhouse pollution and at the same time energy bills for household and businesses are reduced to a certain extent. It is wrongly assumed that sustainable energy means renewable energy, but in fact, it is about how one can use energy in a wise way while taking into consideration a few energy efficiency measures.

Factors affecting sustainable energy[checklist]

  • Rise in demand: One of the major factors that need to be tackled is the rise in energy demand. As the population of the world is increasing so is the demand for energy. It is important to realize that this increase in demand would be continuous and specific reliable measures should be taken to increase qualitative supply.
  • Sources of energy in consideration: Another factor affecting is the different sources of energy that can be used.
  • Solar and Wind: Although solar and wind are great sustainable energy sources but still a lot needs to be done in order to expand their production scale. But otherwise they both are considered as the cheapest methods of generating power and there is not expensive cost of investment but still they are not fully developed.
  • Coal: Other than that, coal is another efficient source of sustainable energy but again the concerns of global warming restrict from increasing the scale of this type of energy source.
  • Natural Gas: Again, this source of energy is quite abundant in terms of quantity but to use it as a major source of sustainable energy is in question because it is a type of chemical and involvement of heat is present which causes a main concern to make it sustainable.[/checklist]

It is important to realize the fact that there are methods that can be adapted to produce enough amount of sustainable energy that not only satisfy present energy needs but they should also be able to fulfill future needs. Moreover, the source of producing it should be reliable and environmental friendly, producing minimal amount of carbon footprint on the sustainable environment.

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